Choose from 12 different colors to define your status flags. That's probably even more than you will actually ever need. You also define the order of the color cycle. Of course, you don't need to use all the colors. Setup only as many as you actually need. Our 12 colors are different enough from each other to ensure there is no confusion.


Dark mode helps reduce eye strain and conserves battery power mainly if the device screen is OLED or AMOLED. Turning on Dark Mode will only affect the device where the button is toggles, thereby allowing different modes on each device.


Not only can you use colors to track statuses, but you can also create counters to help you keep count of whatever you need to. For example, keep count of customers in a lobby or waiting room. Like the status flagging widget, this widget supports custom labels and a selection of icons.


In addition to naming the thing you are tracking a status for, you can also set custom labels for them. For example, in a clinic where exam rooms are tracked, you might want to label each room for the doctors that will be using them that day or that week.


Use any one of a variety of icons on a status flag to add additional quick reference information, or use none at all. Icons can be removed at any time. Icons are displayed to the top right of a status flag.


Get your own sub-domain on statusflags.com. For example, if your business name is John's Optical Clinic, you might want to register your account with a sub-domain such as johnsoptical.statusflags.com.  It's not just to add a custom touch, but it makes it simpler to remember. Your sub-domain is unique and as long as you are a customer it will always be yours.


Need to track more exam rooms in your clinic? Need to track more tables in your restaurant?  No problem, there is no charge for tracking any additional items you need to. Add more things to track at any time. Reorganize and rename the things you are tracking whenever you need to. It's all up to you.

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