This isn't what you're used to.

It's better than that.


With this web application we use connection methods that allow you to get instant updates to status changes on all your devices at once.


Not only does our product have unique features such as labels and icons for added detail and customization, but we also pledge to continue adding new features for no additional charge.


While buttons and flags in hallways can be open to tampering, your devices can be stowed in areas where only staff have quick access to see and make changes.

This is the first major innovation

to status flagging solutions in years.

You might say we've reinvented status flagging.

Why a dot com solution for status flagging?

The distinct advantage of the app is that, because its a web based app, we offer to all our clients completely free feature upgrades as we add them to our core product.

By using the app, you get more practical features than you would with simple plastic flags attached to doors or archaic physical buttons that are very expensive to replace, repair and upgrade.

Take a moment to reflect on the fact that its actually cheaper to buy an Android tablet to use with than it is to purchase traditional button panels and a lighting system. Additionally you would also have to pay an electrician to install it. When was the last time you paid an electrician to open a web page on an Android or iOS device for you?

If you think that deserves some reflection think about this: an inexpensive Amazon Kindle Fire 7 tablet cost about the same as some plastic status flags you screw to the wall. The difference is that the app is much more robust and secure.


Plastic Flags


  • Cheap (if you shop around)

  • Hard for kids passing by to reach

  • Easy to install


  • Limited functionality

  • Questionable value

  • Hard for short employees to reach

  • Insecure

  • Requires constant line of sight

  • Increases hallway traffic

  • Slow asynchronous communication

Light Switches


  • Synchronous communication


  • Limited functionality

  • Most expensive option

  • Expensive to upgrade or extend

  • Requires electrician

  • PC integrated systems need IT support

  • Insecure


  • Easy to setup

  • Easy to expand

  • Free feature upgrades

  • Synchronous communication

  • Most features

  • Most value

  • Track status from anywhere

  • Choose your own hardware


  • Office devices should be mounted

  • Needs a reliable Internet connection

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  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter


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